Crypto Platform Abra has always had a referral program but an increased Swagbucks offer showed up recently making the total for opening the account $100 dollars total, $75 $100 in SB and $25 in CPRX token (keep in mind that CPRX tokens can’t currently be withdrawn). To get this increased offer follow the steps below:
1) If you don’t have Swagbucks signup with my referral link:
2) Find the offer on Swagbucks, you can just click here:
3) During signup you can enter my referral code of RCNAR3QGC and get the additional $25.
4) Fund the account with at least $15 dollars and make sure the amount deposited stays above $15, I recommend converting to TUSD (Abra stablecoin) so the value doesn’t drop.
5) Hold the funds for at least 7 days, your CPRX should be pending.
Note: You’ll need go to through identity verification and Abra is like a real wallet with a passphrase, this may be too technical for some.

By Pete

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