Jovia is a Credit Union based out of NY. They currently have an offer where you can get $150 for your first sign up and direct deposit. You can get an additional $85 for using my referral code. Anyone can be a member by joining CrossState Credit Union Foundation which they will pay for on your behalf.


  1. $150 Bonus: Open your account and setup a reoccurring direct deposit of $100 or more into the checking account within 60 days of opening.
    Terms (scroll to bottom):
  2. $85 Referral Bonus: Open checking and deposit at least $100 within two weeks of account opening. Terms (scroll to bottom):

Steps to open your account:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the “link Open Account link under the “Earn $150” advertisement:

4. Select checking

5. Then Go Green Checking (you can select either but this account has a direct deposit tracker):

6. Enter First Name, Last Name

7. Enter my referral code of 326542

8. Enter your address info:
9. You probably you want to select “None of these apply” unless you live on Long Island:

10. Probably select No here unless you have a family member that banks here:

11. Select Yes to join the foundation if you don’t meet any other requirement for joining (I didn’t):

12. Enter contact info:

13. Verify Email

14. Enter Date of Birth and other Personal Info (there are a few more screens I don’t show):

15. Read over the disclosures:

16. Answer security questions (they show up after a few seconds):

17. Your app will likely go into review:
18. A few minutes later you’ll get an email with a link to upload your license photo for verification (conditional approval):
19. Upload your license photo and wait.

20. In a day or so you will hopefully be approved. Once this happens add at least $100 to the account and setup direct deposit. Some say Zelle and Sofi transfers will count as direct deposit.

By Pete

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