Referral Links – Free $$$

Welcome to my referral links page. Most of my offers are for those in the United States. I hold accounts at all of these institutions and have had decent luck with them (YMMV). This page is not intended to serve as any form of financial advice and I’m not a financial advisor. Do your own research before opening any of these accounts. Almost all offers require some form of verification / KYC . Thanks for using my links – Pete (SuperBankOfferMan).

Fairwinds Credit Union – $175 Bonus with $1000 in Direct Deposits

Important limitations:
– Offer available from January 29, 2024, through June 1, 2024.
– You cannot have previously been an owner on or a party to a FAIRWINDS account – EVER.
– Account type must be Preferred or Signature Checking.  Both have fees unless you meet
monthly requirements.  Preferred checking is easiest to keep fee free by having $1000 in
monthly direct deposit or 10k in checking/savings or investing acct.

Steps to get the bonus:

1) Sign up for a new FAIRWINDS consumer Preferred or Signature Checking Account
with at least $25 using my link:
2) Setup payroll deposit(s) within 60 days that total at least $1000.  
3) The $175 bonus will be deposited on the 15th of the month following the direct deposit(s).  
4) Read terms toward the bottom of the page when you click the referral link for details.

Ally Referral Savings Bonus- $125 for $25,000 deposit

Bonus is really only useful now if you are looking to open an account anyway. But if you are here are the steps:
1) Navigate to my link:
2) Enroll with your name and email address (same email and name you will later use to open your account) by 3/1/24.
3) Open and fund a new Ally Bank Savings Account.
4) Fund 25k into the account by 3/25/24 with one or more transfers from another bank.
5) You’ll receive an additional .50% on your money if you retain it in the account from 3/25/24 to 7/15/24
6) Bonus will pay on or about 7/31/24

Public – Free Fractional Stock with Sign Up

Use my link here:

Capital One Quicksilver $200 Referral Bonus

Capital One Quicksilver has features like: No Foreign Transaction Fees, Extended Warranty, Capital One Shopping, Complimentary Concierge Service and Capital One Travel.

1) Open account with my link:

2) Spend $500 within 3 months.

3) Get a $200 bonus.  

Upgrade Checking – $100 Bonus for Opening and making $1000 in Direct Deposits

There’s a referral offer where you can get $100 for $1000 in Direct deposit.

To get the $100 bonus: 
1) Sign up for Upgrade Rewards Checking using my referral link:
2) $1000 Direct deposit within 45 days
3) You’ll get $100 deposited in your account

Webull – Free Stocks when you Join and Fund

Webull is always running a referral promotion. Current promo is 75 stocks. Click the link below to open an account. The page that opens will show what the current deal is. Most deals require deposit of any amount to get payout:

Rakuten Shopping Portal – $30 Offer when you spend $30

Nice Bonus for opening now: You just need to spend $30 on something purchased through the portal. Use my link to signup:

Get $5 from Cash App

Sign up for cash app, link a bank account and send someone $5 and you’ll get a $5 dollar bonus. Cash app is useful for it’s intended use and also for satisfying debit requirements for other accounts you open. Open using my code KZDMFVD or using this link: . If you need someone to send to so you can get the bonus you can send me $5 and I’ll send it back. User $peek5000.

Swagbucks – Shopping Portal – Great Offers, Cash Back

Summary: swagbucks is my favorite shopping portal. They offer many great offers, some of which end up being a net gain, others are just great ways to try out products like meal kits, virus scan, banks, many different options. They aren’t perfect (sometimes things don’t track) but overall, I’ve done well with them. If you use my referral link you can earn $10 in swagbucks.
Referral Terms: You must “Activate” the Bonus in the Swag Ups section of your account. Bonus value is earned in the form of points, called SB. Get a 1000 SB bonus, which is equivalent to $10 in value, when you spend at least $25 at a store featured in You must receive a minimum of 25 SB for this purchase, which you must complete within 30 days of registration. and travel purchases do not qualify.
My referral link:

M1 Finance – $10 Bonus for $100 Deposit

Summary: This is one of my favorite investing platforms.  It allows you to automate your investing.  You just choose your investments, turn on auto invest and setup a weekly, biweekly or monthly transfer and the money will be automatically invested in the stocks/funds of your choice. The site includes pre-built pies of different ETFs and stocks and you can also setup your own options.
Bonus Steps:
1. Sign up with my referral link:
2. Create an account and deposit $100 minimum.
3. You will receive your $10 bonus within 7-14 days of your deposit. You must maintain your initial deposit in the account for 30 days.

Alto Crypto IRA – Get $50 when you open a Crypto Roth IRA.

Important Terms: This account has a fairly high fee to close the account ($50). So, I don’t recommend it just for the bonus. I opened the account for long term holding. Also, this is not SIPC insured like a normal IRA. This post doesn’t constitute financial advice.
Summary: Alto allows you to invest in Crypto within a Roth IRA (they also offer other alternative investment products). Their platform is fairly simple to use and allows you to buy up to 150 cryptos (any offered through Coinbase). You can setup limit orders, market orders and buy and sell in the platform. If doing this within a Roth IRA your gains aren’t taxed (however the account has same withdrawal rules as a normal Roth IRA).
Risk: All investing has risk (especially true with crypto). Please, do your own research. This post is not a recommendation to buy or sell any securities or invest in anything. Steps to open the account:

  1. Read up on the platform and do your research:
  2. Open a crypto IRA account using my link:
  3. Deposit at least $100 into the account.
  4. Get a $50 bonus in your account (I get $50 as well).