After trying out and running into some issues with Gemini I decided to try a different platform. When searching around I found recommended so I decided to give it a try. After the typical registration to create an account you are brought to an “Add your wallets” screen:

Here you can search search and add each exchange you have used:

Clicking on the link that appears will bring you to a screen where you can either setup auto-sync (using an API key / secret) or import from file (using a file downloaded from your exchange):

To setup auto-sync you will need to setup a key on your exchange and then paste the credentials here.

You then follow this same procedure for each platform you want to add. Many like Celsius, Gemini and Coinbase Pro can be connected directly with their APIs. Coinbase you can just link to directly by logging in and allowing access, very much link linking Coinbase to any other platform, if you’ve done that before. The other platforms I’d used (BlockFi, Abra, Nexo, Voyager) all required a download from the platform and then import into Koinly. Unlike CryptoTrader.Tax, OKCoin was supported via API but with a big caveat, the API at OKCoin only allowed 1 month worth of transactions to be downloaded, basically useless. So, for that platform I was back to downloading transactions. Similarly, Binance US doesn’t show FIAT purchases when using the API so my cost basis was missing on a couple of transactions.

Once you can review the transactions in the Transactions screen. This is a far superior interface to CryptoTrader.Tax, you can see everything, you can filter the view, the work that was done on this platform to make this possible must’ve been massive. You can see issues like missing purchase history here as well, impressive

The great thing is you can even edit and add transactions here, so if you are missing a buy or a sell you can add it. It seems limited but you can add a sent / received transaction which I assume would equate to a buy:

To finalize you get to the Tax Reports screen, here you see your items that need review and summary of what your gains are and what you owe:

At this point you can try to make revisions if your items needing review will make you owe more taxes. In my case the numbers were good enough that I decided to just leave it. Unfortunately I had a lot of transactions so I ended up on a higher tier than I’d have liked, fortunately I did have a coupon code:
I’m still holding off on finalizing because I don’t see that this platform exports to H&R Block which is what I’m using for taxes. Still, I think this is the one I’ll go with. The UI is clean, a lot of thought was put in here and it does a stellar job at importing from all the platforms. It’s clearly a mature product and I can only assume as each year goes by Koinly will get better and better. Use my referral code for $20 off:

By Pete

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